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Certified Agile Leadership I (in English)

31. januar 2018 @ 09:00 - 1. februar 2018 @ 17:00

- Kr 21900

This class will be given in English!

This Certified Agile Leadership workshop is designed by Evelyn Tian, who has over 20 years of working exeprience in Ericsson, where she worked as Head Agile Coach and Head of Global Transformation Support Center. She started to look into agile leadership as early as 2010, and her agile leadership workshop has almost 50 classes of graduates (over one thousand of leaders) since then.

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) program is an education and practice based program with the goal of developing agile leadership competency and maturity in order to increase the effectiveness of a leader in complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing conditions.

As a leader, how are you leading in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) environment?

* Have you started on the agile transformation journey but puzzled over how to achieve more benefits?

* Are you thinking about starting an agile transformation initiative but unsure of where to begin?

* Would you like to improve the decision making efficiency in your organization?

* Is fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation an area of focus?

* Do you want to magnify the energy and effects around innovation?

* Is collaboration one of the areas of concern?

* Are you interested in enhancing teams’ motivation and engagement?

* Have you thought about how you can better support your teams?

* Are you wondering how to engage customers to see more economical benefits of your ways of working?

* Would you like to advance yourself to latest practices and theory around agile leadership?

* Would you like to see more positive impact and value from agile transformation?

The program, through its contents, helps improve your ability to lead in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) environment and complex system. It is key to take your organization to the next step. CAL is designed to go beyond “Agile” to unleash more potentials from yourself, people around you and your organization.

The class starts at 09.00 and finishes at 17.00 both days


Who should attend

  • Executives, middle management, and other leaders with mandate or desire to introduce agility into the organization
  • Leaders who support, lead, or interact with agile teams such as Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches
  • Any leader sponsoring, requesting, or involved with an agile transformation within their organization

Prerequisites: None, but a basic understanding of Scrum is beneficial. A review of the official Scrum Guide ( before the class is recommended.

Training topics

Evolution of Everything

✓ Management trends and fitting business environment

✓ Journey of Lean and Agile

✓ Evolution of organizations

Complex Adaptive System (C.A.S.)

✓ Apply Systems Thinking to organizations

✓ Excel in VUCA environment with Cynefin framework

✓ Leading from the future as it emerges

Engage People

✓ Increase employee motivation

✓ Servant leadership to host leadership

✓ The Art of Actions – how to make fast and effective decisions

✓ Engage people in an agile environment – improve trust and collaboration

Develop Organizations

✓ Lead teams and go beyond teams

✓ Culture, architecture, and structure

✓ Apply Lean tools and define metrics to grow healthy organizations

Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

✓ Lead continuous improvement in Complex Adaptive System

✓ Create system change experiments in agile environment (tool plus exercise)

Lead and Advance Agile Transformation

✓ Patterns of Agile Transformations

✓ Define next steps to advance yourself and your organization

✓ Agile leaders’ behaviors (vs traditional leaders’)

With CAL program, you will gain more awareness of agile leadership, grasp theory and tools, and bring back concrete next steps to advance your organization.

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31. januar 2018 @ 09:00
1. februar 2018 @ 17:00
Kr 21900
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